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Family Chapel

Last fall when Luke left for the U of M I prayed for him – that he would not just survive, but thrive. Every day since I’ve marveled at how thoroughly God has answered my request. Luke is thriving in a hundred ways, more than I could ask or imagine.

And now once again I bring this request before the throne. This time I pray for my family here at home. God, help us to more than just survive. Help us to thrive.

I’m sure it is normal for adoptive families to spend some time in survival mode. And we have. Each of us discovering our own ways to cope, eking out just enough fortitude to make it through the day. I will confess, there have been days when the last thought to cross my mind before falling asleep is this. We survived.

Survival mode is not sustainable forever. Some do it better than others. I think of Louis Zamperini of Unbroken fame. But I am not him. I knew it before, and I know it even better now. My fortitude is remarkably week. I am a survival mode wimp.

So it is good, very good, that just when all of us were getting to the end of our reserves, a breakthrough happened. Hints of thriving. Answered prayers.

Last night three boys slept together in one room. Nils, Felipe and Jimmy. And it may not sound like a big deal, but it was the miracle I needed. The breakthrough I’d been waiting for. We are becoming a family.

Three weeks ago we posed for family photos. Seven of us together, with our daughter-to-be behind the camera. And the photos turned out remarkably well, considering. Considering we were all still in survival mode. Not quite feeling like family just yet, but posing just the same. Creating a picture of what we hoped to be.

I framed the photos for our mantle, and they’re beautiful. They look like they belong. We look like we belong. Together. And those photos, like our lives, hold a promise of answered prayer.

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