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Hi, my name is Sonya—rhymes with lasagna. I’ve gone by many names over the years. Mrs. Anderson to students in traditional classrooms, and Miss Sonya to my Montessori friends. The youth group kids typically call me just plain Sonya, and I’ve been Mom to a lot of boys, including five of my own. I’m Auntie Sonya to eighteen delightful nieces and nephews, and most recently I’ve been thrilled to acquire my newest name, Nana—rhymes with banana.


I’ve been married to my favorite friend and college sweetheart for over thirty years. His name is Kyle, and together we’ve spent what feels like a lifetime parenting boys. They are all young adults now, and Kyle and I are newly embracing an empty-ish nest. I started blogging several years ago, telling my stories of faith, family, and adoption though BoyMom posts. You can find many of those stories in the archives of this site. A teacher by education and spiritual gifting, my two loves (apart from Jesus and my people) are beautiful writing and the out-of-doors. I can think of no more perfect combination than a hammock and a good book on a warm summer afternoon.


I write to tell stories. Most importantly, I write to tell HIS story. The Jesus story. Jesus is the hero of the Bible’s story, and he is the hero of my story, too. I fell in love with Jesus at a Bible camp when I was twelve years old, and lived my young adult years truly devoted, but wrapped up in what I now call my “P’s.” Perfectionism. Performance. Pride. In his great mercy, Jesus blew the head off this snake when I was in my thirty’s—transforming me by his breathtaking grace. A decade later he answered my most dangerous prayer. “Increase my capacity to love.” I’m in my fifty’s now, still living this story, and telling it, too. God is good, and he is faithful. Again and again and again.


This is my story.

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