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I have been a speaker at youth events, women’s retreats, parenting conferences, and kids’ camps. I’ve also worked as a teacher, youth-leader, and church staff. The common denominator for all of these is my passion for telling the "Jesus story." 

Jesus is the hero of the Bible’s story, and he is the hero of my story, too. I fell in love with Jesus at a Bible camp when I was twelve years old, and lived my young adult years truly devoted, but wrapped up in what I now call my “P’s.” Perfectionism. Performance. Pride. In his great mercy, Jesus blew the head off this snake when I was in my thirty’s—transforming me by his breathtaking grace. A decade later he answered my most dangerous prayer. “Increase my capacity to love.” I’m in my fifty’s now, still living this story, and telling it, too. God is good, and he is faithful. Again and again and again.


This is my story.

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Sweet-Spot Topics:

The Covenant StoryJesus keeps His side of the covenant, and He keeps our side, too. 

Shalom Storya story of adoption and God's dream of perfect peace.

Be stillcalm in the midst of the storm and other biblical metaphors for peace.  

Somebody in somebodythe flesh is easily offended, but the Spirit loves. 

Increase My Capacity to Lovethe most dangerous prayer I ever prayed. 

Parenting Through PrayerI can’t but He can. 

Whole and Holydon’t settle for less.

“God Made Me…”a hands-on discovery of God-given gifts and strengths.

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