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Mountain Luke

Somewhere on a mountain near Colorado Springs a boy becomes a man today. Of course it’s been happening gradually for a good long time. In some ways this kid was born a little man.

He’ll read this post a couple of days from now when he returns from his last RMC of the summer. I imagine he’ll spend some time at The Glen. He’ll sit under an umbrella out on the terrace drinking espresso, using up punches on his coffee card before summer’s end. Connected to wifi he’ll catch up on all the latest, which will certainly include Mom’s blog. He’s my most faithful reader, and my editor, too. The first to catch my misspelled words or failed attempts at capturing trends. Hey Mom. Great blogging today. Just wanted to let you know it’s HGTV, not HD… I send my thanks back by text and quickly post an update.

Luke’s friend, Kendra is a close second Boy Mom follower. Last spring when we were together at the Humble Cup listening to Luke’s band she said the birthday blogs are her favorite. They always make her cry. So I knew I’d better keep the tradition, even with Luke on the mountain unplugged on his special day. For Kendra’s sake if nothing else – we can celebrate weepy together today.

So Luke. I did something crazy in honor of your birthday this week. On Tuesday in Lanesboro, Minnesota. I was with our small group gals on an overnight, two days of biking and kayaking and a secret adventure prepared by Patti Bertsch who took the lead on planning the trip. Turns out her surprise was a high ropes excursion on the bluffs overlooking the Root River. At first I said NO. Not an option. Sweat dripping just thinking about those heights. But later as we walked the trail and I looked up into the trees at those cables stretched taut, wooden bridges swinging precariously overhead I had this thought. I should do this for Luke. And there’s not one other reason on this great planet good enough to get me harnessed up and stepping out legs shaking and sweat pouring except me thinking about you in those mountains doing all kinds of crazy. And I’m THAT kid’s mom, and I’ve got to do this for Luke. So I did it. Thinking about you the entire time, clear to the zip-line ending.

Here’s how the mom of a boy knows he’s really a man. It’s when she finds herself wondering at random moments how would my son handle this? What advice would he give, and how would he do it? When the boy takes the lead and the mom follows trusting this man-child who’s become her guide. And Luke, this has been happening now for quite a while. Have you noticed? When we sit down to coffee and I’m rapt absorbing every word and suggestion, and thinking with wonder how this man was the babe from my womb.

To say I’m proud hardly does it justice. I’m overwhelmed and I’m humbled. How God’s grace to ME could mean doing life with YOU. So much has been given, I’ve said it before. To whom much is given much is required. Which is why you’re the one leading these mountain excursions. You’re the one showing the next generation how to follow Jesus and cling desperate to God.

I’ll be counting the hours ‘til you’re down from that mountain, awaiting your text or call. No pressure. But it’s been two long weeks of praying and trusting, mind full of images of your summer adventures. And I’ve never been so ready to hear your voice. So Luke, Happy Birthday. Today in my heart and sometime this weekend when you’re back safe and sound. I love you like crazy, my son.

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