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Girl-Grandma (:

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

It’s a GIRL!!!! Our little Maisy Rae, born last week, and what does this mean for a boy-mom Grandma?!!

Nana, that is. And I’m telling you what. Since last Wednesday, I’m seeing them all over the place. At the craft store, and at Target, and there on the street. Pigtails wagging, and non-stop chatter, holding hands. Little girls with their grandmas are EVERYWHERE. Like how you get a new car and then everyone has one – but a million times better. This new-grandma thing. And did I mention, a girl?

Felipe likes to remind us, he had the dream first. A nighttime dream of a girl baby and he was convinced. So convinced, there were family members hoping for a boy just to prove the boy wrong. And I don’t remember the timing, if it was before or after, but I dreamed, too. A humorous dream, and I didn’t dare say it could mean anything, but now I wonder. I’d given birth to a baby girl, but there wasn’t pain. And I knew in my dream this painless birth was my grandbaby girl.

I described it this way to Kiana yesterday, in the hospital room. And she laughed a bit, though she felt like crying, day five on this rollercoaster of every emotion. And let’s just say there’s been plenty of pain, and there’ll be pain still, which is just how it is for a first-time mama. It’ll be so much better when you can finally go home. And it will be, no doubt. There’ll be beds, at least, even if sleep is short with those nighttime feedings. But it will be worth it. Finally at home with your sweet little Maisy, and you’ll be amazing, I know you will.

And you should see my SON. Holy-oh-my-goodness, they told me this would happen, but it’s still unexpected. How seeing my own boy, a daddy, in love with his daughter, rocking this whole thing and my son is a father! And what I’ve been predicting all these years is totally true. Of all the myriad things my own husband does well, he does fathering best, and Grant’s going to grow up to be just like you. And it’s true already. Except that my son gets to daddy a GIRL!!

This boy-mom clan, and our girl-count is rising. Earlier this weekend, before our trip to Des Moines, we spent two sweet days with Luke and Ali, here for a wedding. Friday morning, they rolled in exhausted from their own sleepless night. Working at camp and a 5am flight, booked by my husband, and as soon as they got here, I suggested a nap. Later in the evening I spotted Ali, ready to head out for the groom’s dinner with Luke. What a pretty dress. I made my comment, and she tells me about how when she was little, she’d shop with her grandma, and this was a dress we picked out together. And I’m shaking my head at this new common thread.

Last night late, we drove back from Iowa, our own kind of exhausted. Starting our day at 3am, dropping kids at the airport for a pre-dawn flight back to Colorado. Church at Revision, and the NICU with Maisy, a day with our kids, then turning around and heading back home. And I was aware, my husband sound asleep in the passenger seat, and me driving, not yet tired, high on love. Aware of my son and his wife, sleeping on a recliner, and a too-short sofa. Waking on schedule to feed little Maisy. Monitors beeping and too many nurses coming and going. And me heading home to my own quiet bed. Remembering a dream. A girl-baby without any pain. And I’m thinking, this must really be a dream-come-true. None of the pain, and all of the love, and I guess this is what it’s like to become a Nana (:

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