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Just a few minutes ago in my morning quiet time God showed me something profound. He used a Proverb to do it. There, in the last bit of my daily reading, was this:

The fears of the wicked will be fulfilled; the hopes of the godly will be granted. (Proverbs 10:24)

I read and reread, savoring the message. His words to me, simple and sweet.

Don’t you see? You are in Me. And in Me it’s not fears, but hopes granted.

Thank you.

This has been a season of both hopes and fears. And I’ll admit, there have been days when I’ve been fixed on fear, letting it fester in the pit of my stomach. Knowing I need to let it go. Asking Him to take it – and he has. For several days now I’ve sensed a shift. More hope, less fear. Sweet relief. And now, today, he gives me this word. Fear never had a chance. Fear is not my destiny. Hope is.

Yesterday we celebrated two birthdays – our firstborn, and our last. Grant and Jimmy, 22 and 15. One born from my womb on 3-3-93. The other born seven years later, a continent away. I remember the day. It was 70 degrees here in Minnesota, and we had a yard full of little boys celebrating Grant’s seventh birthday, shooting off rockets, running wild. And I was enjoying the day, clueless about a little life being birthed thousands of miles away. A newborn I’d one day call my son.

Earlier this week we talked about dreams with Jimmy. It was a school assignment. What dream do you have for the future? And Jimmy’s was this. A BMX bike for his birthday. It was all he could think about these past few days, and yesterday his dream came true.

During that same conversation, Felipe shared his dream. To one day discover the cure for AIDS. And he was serious.

Some dreams are bigger than others.

But the conversation made us stop and think. What hopes do these boys carry? How many times have their hopes been dashed? What hopes will we, their parents, get to see fulfilled?

And I know what I hope. More than anything.

I hope for a family, fully devoted. Loving Jesus. Pursuing God. Five boys, each one counted among the godly, anchored in this promise. The hopes of the godly will be granted.

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