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  • Sonya Leigh Anderson

Muy Bien


We are a family at last. Twelve months of waiting for us, and seven months of waiting for them and finally we are together. We were united yesterday afternoon and all of us were smiles and hugs, and we were truly glad. But also truly overwhelmed. All of us. Felipe and Jimmy most of all.

Yesterday our Presentation was at two in the afternoon. We found out later the boys never knew the time. At nine o’clock in the morning they were ready and waiting. They waited for five eternal hours, not knowing. Worrying. Wondering if we’d really come.

But we did. We did come and we’re a family, and it’s good. Very good.

And hard. The language is the hardest. We knew it would be. During the presentation I hugged the boys and looked into their eyes and “I wish I knew more Spanish!” I said it out loud in English.

“Bien. Muy bien.” It’s good. Very good.

It’s very good that Jimmy speaks with his eyes. His expressions tell a lot, and all evening I watched to see what he was saying. There’s a pool on the roof of the hotel and the boys swam and later we all sat around a table and played games. Uno and Farkle. I watched Jimmy’s eyes fill with tears and I tried to decide if it was joy or pain. I decided it was both.

All of us are feeling a hundred things at once, and why wouldn’t we. Love, fear, joy, loss. We’re giving up a lot of normal to embrace this new good. Life will never be the same.

This morning all the guys headed to the basketball court next door to the hotel. Here is place they can all find a sense of normal together. I watch from the window and I smile. There are a lot of boys to love out there. And it’s very good.

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