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Earlier today I enjoyed my morning quiet time in the living room, near a twinkling Christmas tree and stockings hanging over the fireplace. Partway through Bible and prayer I took a short detour to snap a picture of seven stockings for a blog.

A bit later I logged onto Facebook to check for messages, and I couldn’t believe what I saw. First post on the page. A photo from my friend, Rachel, and a link to her very first blog post. Seven Stockings. Right there, seven stockings hanging from the railing, and Rachel telling her own adoption story. I’m still grinning.

Two moms, both hanging seven stockings for growing families. Rachel’s adding three to four, and I’m adding two to five – and both of us are gearing up for a brand new life. Her three will be here for Christmas, but only for a visit. It will be several months before the adoption is done. Our two won’t arrive quite in time for Christmas, but close. We’re buying our tickets today, and plan to travel before the first of the year.

This morning in my living room I was praying for our family of seven. Praying specifically about our trip to Colombia and asking God – who should go? All of us, or only some of us? Airfare is crazy expensive. It’s holiday rates if we want to travel during Christmas break, the only time the boys can go. All week we’ve been trying to decide what’s best. How many tickets should we buy?

There was a Christmas concert at school last night, and as I sat in the audience listening to the band, I was praying about our decision. God, what should we do? And there it was. The answer. This opportunity will never come again. This is your only chance at a family vacation with seven.

The next vacation for Grant will likely be a honeymoon. We won’t be invited. And when Christmas rolls around again, his stocking will be hanging from his own mantel (so to speak).

So this is it. One chance for the five of us to travel. One chance for five to become seven. And suddenly it’s a no-brainer.

We’ve been saying all along, an adoption is like a wedding. Proposal, courtship, ceremony, and commitment. Soon the big day will be here, and when we officially tie the knot we’ll want all the best men to be present.

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