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Photo by Taelynn Christopher on Unsplash

Saying yes to adoption led to several other changes that might not seem related. I decided to take a break from my seminary master’s program, changed jobs at church, and tackled a complete overhaul of boys’ bedrooms. Like dominoes, one thing led to another, and within a few weeks my home and my mind were feeling clearer than they had in a very long time. 

We moved the bunk beds to a downstairs bedroom and painted the walls sea blue and brown. I picked up the softest imaginable comforters for the bunks, and one for Nils, too. In the process of cleaning and purging we came across a great big stuffed puppy dog, and decided to tuck him up in the top bunk. This is Felipe’s and Jimmy’s room and we want it to feel as cozy as possible. Like a big hug.

Kyle chose a verse for the wall and I printed it on decorative paper and framed it with old barn wood. “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” The colors match the walls and the words match our hearts. We want them to know.

All the boys have new rooms. Luke’s big bed moved to an upstairs room with a world map hanging on the wall. Luke is the only Anderson boy not sleeping in a twin-sized bed, an accommodation to his 6’4” self.

For his room Nils chose paint called grass, which sounds green but is in reality a very hip yellow. He also chose the sea blue for his brothers’ room next door. I complimented him on his good taste.

Grant’s room is the coolest. He took a small and windowless space and turned it into an artistic Ikea-inspired den, perfect for a young adult and aspiring musician. Grant still has two semesters of college to finish, but he plans to live at home for his senior year. He wants to spend as much time as possible with his new brothers. 

I’m getting a new space, too. Summer construction at church is making room for a new ministry, a resource center. The new ministry will be for families. At church and at home our vision for family is transforming our spaces. 

In retrospect I could have spent at least another semester at the seminary. Who knew the waiting would last so long? But when I made the decision last December it seemed wise to clear as much space in my schedule and in my head as possible. I still think it was the right choice. When the time finally comes Felipe and Jimmy will find space in our home and space in our hearts prepared just for them.

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