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Book Update

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

The past few weeks have been significant in terms of the progress of my book. And when I say “my book” I am fully aware of whose book this really is. It is God’s. From the very beginning—God given, God inspired, God led. My little bit of treasure, entrusted, invested, not buried in sand. God, just show me what it looks like to be faithful. Just that.

I dreamed the cover. No kidding. This week’s task was ideas for design, and I wonder, in hindsight, if it might have been overwhelming. But it wasn’t. Because even in this detail, He’ll receive all the credit.

It remains The Covenant Story. This title, straight from His own heart from the very beginning. Renamed for a season—the season of thinking I’d need to tweak and add and “improve” what He’d given. And I laugh out loud now, thinking of how He just gave it all back. Back to what He’d always given. The Covenant Story has always been His.

Trusting the Love of a Faithful God. His, too. This subtitle, given in the final hour. I was driving home from somewhere, praying. What do YOU want it to be? And it’s this. Trust. Love. A Faithful God. There you go. You hardly need to read the book for its final conclusion. This is what it is really about.

My husband asks about a timeline, and I’m asking, too. Spring, I think. The next step is a round of sending out “reader’s copies” to pastors and leaders, men and women I barely know, friends of friends and college professors from decades ago. Holding out hope for a bit of favor and a few endorsements. A forward, maybe. And if you’d like to help…

If you haven’t already, I’ll ask you to subscribe to this blog of mine. I have a very small following in the world of published authors. I’ll take all the shares, and followers, and online subscribers I can possibly get. And thank you, in advance, for allowing me to add you to my email list (:

But it’s honestly, really, it’s not about me. You already know this. Every chance I get to promote this book, and to tell this story, I attempt to give credit where credit is due.

The Covenant Story: Trusting the Love of a Faithful God—

Straight from the pages of the story He’s given. The Bible’s narrative, retold through the lens of His covenant love. A love He showed me decades ago, written in the pages of my own humble story. His narrative, and mine, intertwined. And yours?

Yes. It is the only reason I ask you to read it. The Covenant Story is your story, too.

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