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  • Sonya Leigh Anderson

Christmas Pup


I have too many boys to have a dog. That’s the answer I’d been giving pretty consistently this past year. Every time the question came up, which was often. Why don’t we have a dog? Plus Nils is allergic, which felt like a divine excuse and my final answer.

I told Kyle behind the scenes and more than once. No dog. Absolutely not. I’m already in over my head and then some, and no. That would for sure launch me over the top.

But then there was that other secret I shared with him in private. IF. Not now, not soon, but maybe someday, far in the future. IF we were ever to get a dog I just might have a soft spot for a particular breed. But not now. Not anytime soon, you understand.

So how in the world did it happen that we ended up getting a PUPPY this Christmas?!

My mom asked this question over the phone, with good reason.

(I should note, I am writing just now with lapdog and laptop competing for space.)

Well, Kyle was praying and God said – get a puppy?

My mom didn’t quite buy my answer. Although Nils certainly did, and it was the ONLY logical explanation, as far as he was concerned.

As far as I’m concerned, too.

It was maybe three weeks before Christmas. We were doing our best to make it special. Sharing traditions, and making our lists. But our hearts were heavy. Restless and anxious. Both Kyle and I were feeling the pressure.

That particular morning we woke up a tad hopeless, so we started our praying before we got out of bed. God, we need you. Again today. Please help.

A little bit later, and I was sitting in my chair by the window where the sun hadn’t made its appearance in days. Reading scripture and thinking. Coffee in hand.

That’s where I was when he told me. Kyle, creeping in softly from the other room. He said it sheepishly. I was praying just now, and I think God might have told me to get them a puppy for Christmas.

Oh really? I knew he was serious, but my response was guarded. I’m going to need to pray about that.

And I did. I prayed but I knew. From the first, I knew. It was perfect. It’s perfect. I said it out loud just a few minutes later. Tears flowing.

No turning back.

The rest of the story is like a prayer unfolding. Finding that new litter of Goldendoodle pups. Just up in Zimmerman, not 30 minutes away. Ready for pickup on Christmas morning. And just in case I needed my own God-whisper. Birthdate: November 11. You guessed it – my own birthday. And the pup we picked out, of course, was a girl.

I’m exhausted now as I’m writing. Christmas and puppy both wearing me out. But she’s adorable and precious and everyone loves her.

Maple, our Christmas pup.

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